A downloadable thing for Windows

This is a turn-based, local multiplayer strategy game in really early development.

You can view this as a pre-alpha, if you wish.

The controls are simple: Click on the soldier you want to move(blue starts) and click where you want to move him. After that you can attack if you like, or just click anywhere to not attack. You can also attack directly but then you will not be able to move. Then it is the other players turn and who has the last soldier standing wins.

Credits : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE27d1Mhnahrx8nb8L-BRDg for music and DerBrettboy on steam for the sprites!


Stats for the soldiers are : 

 case SoldierType.Assaulter:
                type = SoldierType.Assaulter;
                health = 100;
                range = 3;
                speed = 4;
                strength = 15;
   case SoldierType.Heavy:
                type = SoldierType.Heavy;
                health = 200;
                range = 4;
                speed = 2;
                strength = 20;
    case SoldierType.Scout:
                type = SoldierType.Scout;
                health = 50;
                range = 5;
                speed = 3;
                strength = 50;
      case SoldierType.CellPhone:
                type = SoldierType.CellPhone;
                health = 10;
                range = 2;
                speed = 5;
                strength = 150;


-Diagonals will count as walking 2 fields

-DMG calcualtion is "defender helath - attacker strength = new defender health"

-speed is how far you can walk, range is the range in which you can attack;

Install instructions

Its a zip file, you should know how this works

(Unzip the file and open the folder, then start TurnTactics2D.exe


TT2DGame.zip 23 MB

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