A downloadable thing for Windows

This is a turn-based, local multiplayer strategy game in early development.

Credits : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE27d1Mhnahrx8nb8L-BRDg for music and DerBrettboy on Steam for the almost all sprites!

In this game, both you and your f(r)iend have a set of soldiers you can move with and attack. Your goal is to kill all the soldeirs of you opponent to win.

Basic Instructions in the game, aswell as stats of the soldeirs


V 0.2 : Menufication


-added main menu
-added how-to-play menu
-added changelog

Gameplay : 

-tweaked soldier stats
-added a better movement / attacking solution
-removed old movement / attacking solution
-added a "switch turn" button
-players can now move and attack with ALL soldiers of thier team in one turn
-added possiblity to change music volume

V 1.0 : Huddify

-Added a healthbar for each soldier

-Added a range and speed display

-Removed "Soon (TM)"

-Changed "How to play" to "Options"

-Moved the music slider to "Options"

-Music values get saved between sessions now

Install instructions

Its a zip file, you should know how this works

(Unzip the file and open the folder, then start TurnTactics2D.exe


TT2DGame V 0.1 .zip 23 MB
TT2DGame V 0.2.zip 30 MB
TT2D Game V 1.0.zip 30 MB

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